BACATA:Hard Disk Stabilizer 2

Hard Disk Stabilizer 2

Hard Disk Stabilizer 2

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A very simple steel device with rubber to prevent transferring the vibration from HDD to PC case! Hard Disk Stabilizer is very small, simple installation, and cute device, but it will do the right job for you!

If you want to mount more HDD in your case and your case does not have enough 3.5" bay, Hard Disk Stabilizer will allow you to mount your extra HDD onto un-used 5.25" Bay!


 - Compatibility: Standard 5.25" Bay
- Material: Steel & Rubber


 - 145x198x35.5 mm, 5.25" Bay
- 15.5 mm (diameter) x 20mm (length) - Screw
- 117.5mm x 26mm - Mounting Plate